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After speaking, the boy dragged the woman to the entrance of the monster cafeteria.On both sides under the plaque, there were six cylindrical Lanterns, about thirty to forty centimeters high, exude a yellowish reddish halo, and the words Monster Canteen are written on each lantern.The how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills door of the shop is the color of huanghuali, plus a frosted glass window divided into 18 grids.The steps under the feet are made of bluestone slabs and large wooden floors.Both the bluestone slabs and the wooden floors are carved with some delicate and incomprehensible patterns.The only thing that can be felt intuitively is that the layout of the store is suddenly opened, and the word high end is almost immediately printed on the face.This decoration is quite high end.The boy couldn t help admiring.Seeing this, the Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight girl couldn t help asking Is this one a bit expensive The boy s heart moved, although he was a little bit guilty, but since it s a shop, it won t make ordinary people daunted, otherwise how would this business be done The boy immediately said It s okay, if it s too expensive, let s order less.

Of course, this is the monster cafeteria, not the Virgin Mary cafeteria.The price for obtaining monster food is naturally some more precious things, such as lifespan and the like.As the owner of the monster cafeteria, Chen Kuai has absolute authority in the monster cafeteria.He can lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight transform into everything, move instantly, and restrain anyone who enters the cafeteria.Of course, he has only used it on ordinary people so far.How strong his ability is, he doesn t have a concept.It was also after owning the Monster Canteen that Chen Kuai discovered that the world was not as simple as it seemed to him.It wasn t because of monsters.In fact, a long time lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight ago, he had discovered abnormal creatures a Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight few times because of his unusually keen sense of smell, but it was not as exaggerated as it is now.Therefore, he didn t feel too strange about the existence of monsters.

The spider staggered and almost fell, but the angry spider immediately jumped in the direction of Chen Wei.And Chen Guai, who fell down, didn t panic at all, and pulled up the slingshot for the fourth time.This time, two blue lights shot out together.Puff A blue light marble still hit the spider s abdomen, and another hit the spider s claw joint, directly breaking the claw.It didn t hit Chen Guai was speechless, he aimed for the head, who knew the deviation was so big.Seeing the spider fall, Chen Kuai slammed on the fruit and vegetable shelf, and rolled on the ground, avoiding the blow.Even if the big spider was injured like this, the speed was faster than Chen Kuai imagined.Chen Kuai only felt a huge force coming from his legs, but he said that the spider pulled Chen Kuai over by retracting the spider silk, making him He dragged his whole body on the ground.

Including the captain, the five how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight people were all stunned.The man in the suit frowned and said, Susu, where s the spider Lin Lingsu said weakly, I ve been robbed by someone, and I can t see the specific strength, because the spider is not very good at all.However, I guess the other party is Chaofan.Level, less than horror level.Oh, why do you see that Lin Lingsu thought of the cool Matrix look, thinking that this kind of person should be extremely best way to lose weight but not muscle confident in himself, right Moreover, when fighting the spider monster, he appeared very calm and seemed to have full combat experience.I just heard her say He provided the clue to the spider monster, and he also called us.If the other party is very strong, there is no need to use our strength to kill 600 calories a day how much weight will i lose this spider.But if the other party s strength is below the extraordinary, he Dare to hunt this spider So, he is probably Transcendent.

Pa But Han Liu slapped him It slapped the trendy young man on the head, causing his head to shrink Yang Shu, don t talk nonsense with Lao Yan.The Sand Eagle is just the most powerful automatic pistol.In terms of power, this slingshot is almost as good as mine.That M500 revolver is a treasure.The ordinary M500 is about twice as powerful as the Sand Eagle.The power of mine is at least three times that of the Sand Eagle.One shot can destroy more than half of a bull s head.Pause After a while, Han Liu said So, in terms of strength, this slingshot best way to lose weight all over fen fen diet pills side effects is actually enough to instantly kill awakened monsters at close .

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range.But this person seems to only be able to condense five spiritual marbles, so he can t directly kill this hanging wall spider Otherwise, he would be able to kill the spider by himself with no more than twenty spiritual marbles.

After hanging up the phone, Han Liu patted him on the shoulder and said, Don t worry, it s all over.Immediately, Han Liu said to everyone If I m not wrong, the centipede that ran away a few days ago should have passed away.Dead.The woman in red The monster cafeteria appeared again Well I ll deal with it, you stay here and be ready to perform tasks at any time.Police station, inquiry room.The young couple is being questioned, and the girl is a little scared and still in shock.The boy was a little annoyed I ve said it several times, and what I said is the truth.It s really a monster cafeteria, and the boss is a centipede I can t admit it with such a big centipede head.And he brushed it Just move in front of me in an instant, hey, what is your expression Have you seen the legend of the White Snake, just like that centipede The male policeman who was questioning asked the policewoman next best effective diet pills 2016 lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight to him The one in the Legend of the White Snake Centipede, can you teleport The policewoman Forgot, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills after all, I watched TV series many years ago, and I think it s very strange that children can watch it now.

Did the ghost hit the wall The corner of Chen Kuai s mouth curled up slightly, and he said lightly The ghost that can create a ghost hitting the wall must be an awakened ghost, right I hope you don t let me down.Chen Kuai held an umbrella in one hand, One hand took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.Leather gloves were not convenient for holding cigarettes, so he just squeezed open the pack, brought it to his mouth, and bit one with his lips and teeth.Putting down the cigarette case, there was a pop , and a red ZIP lighter flickered under the umbrella.Boom Huh cough cough At the moment when the smoke entered, Chen Kuai frowned.Nausea, choking, coughing, and various negative feelings hit him, making him clenched his fist tightly This is really an unpleasant smell Chen Wei murmured.For a person with an exceptionally sensitive sense of smell, the smell of smoke will not only destroy his perception of other smells.

The location of the throw is exquisite, only five or six steps away from him.Bang Chen Guai didn t throw the phone with great force, but the force with which the phone hit the ground was very strong.However, this violent smash was basically a mobile phone, which had already been scrapped, and Chen Kuai had just pulled the slingshot, only to see ghosts flashing in the void, and he how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight hadn t had time to shoot it yet.However, although I don t know what method the ghost used to increase the force of the mobile phone hitting the ground, it is obvious that the force is not as great as imagined.It may be that the female ghost did it casually.She thinks that this can destroy the mobile phone.up.But it was not the case.The phone was dropped several times, but the sound of the music was still there.At the same time, Chen Kuai kicked on the steel railing of the stairs, making a vibrating sound.

Hiss In the dead of night, the successive loud noises made this female ghost extremely manic.So, the moment the phone fell to the ground, the female ghost appeared, trying to crush Chen Wei s phone while turning her head.Xuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu At such a close distance, two big holes were directly punched out of the female ghost s body.Sorry, I m a retro person, so I use a Nokia.Bang As soon as Chen Wei finished speaking, the phone was crushed and exploded, almost crushed into a piece of cake.At the same moment, the female ghost also lost its trace, and the huge power on the umbrella also disappeared.Maybe, I just bought a pirated copy.Chen Kuai turned his head and glanced at the house number, 18th floor.But the scene in front of him changed rapidly, and it turned into a closed room with no doors around and no way above his head, and water was seeping under his feet, more how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight and more water overflowed Chen Wei s ankles, and continuously rising.

But what Chen Kuai didn t know was that when he appeared in Building No.10, a middle aged man in the community was shocked.Building No.10 Why did he go to Building No.10 The middle aged man didn t dare to let the ghost get too close to him, because he still didn t know what the route of Monster Chen was.He only knew that this person or monster was very strong., Calm, calm, able to block super level ghosts, and even easily break super level illusions, and kill three evil ghosts in the blink of an eye.But he also knew that although Chen Kuai was powerful, he was what foods burn visceral fat limited, at most, he was only at the Transcendent level.It may even be weaker than I imagined, otherwise it how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight would not be shot by the ghost and rolled down a full flight of stairs.Originally, if Chen Kuai ran away, he would run away, and he would not pursue it.

At this moment, both of them are not well.But this time, it was not so best diet slimming pills surprising.After all, these things are not scary, just a little strange.Li Daoyi looked at Chen Guai in astonishment Sure enough, the artist s taste is a bit unique.Otherwise, let s go to the living room to drink tea An Ran deeply agreed.Twenty minutes later.The three of them sat cross legged in front of the tea table.Li Daoyi and Chen Guai were sitting opposite each other.Li Daoyi was talking eloquently.He was talking about ghost stories.He talked a lot, but he lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight only talked about rumors and didn t go into details Sitting next to An Ran, she was actually just drinking tea seriously.To her, this kind of relatively elegant life was considered a luxury.Since it was rare to enjoy it, she naturally had to enjoy it.Dingling An Ran I m going to answer the phone.

And .

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a semicircular crustacean the size of a face plate, with a long tail more than 20 centimeters long.Fuck, what is this Now, even Li Daoyi was speechless, and felt his stomach churning.An Ran s face turned pale, and he suppressed the discomfort in his stomach This is a horseshoe crab.You have violated the law to protect animals.Chen Kui said calmly This is artificially bred, not wild, and it is non toxic.Edible species, look at the breeding label on its shell.Li Daoyi Chen Guai, there seems to be something wrong with your diet Chen Guai The first person to eat crabs, you may also be the first to eat crabs.I think there is something wrong with him.Suddenly, Li Daoyi s face changed Fuck, the ones in your bedroom, shouldn t they be Chen Guai It s not that exaggerated, I only ate part of it, and some are not.

Therefore, the two women living here are actually An Ran and Lin Lingsu.An Ran Take off your shoes, someone will deliver some men s basic daily necessities later.Today you will temporarily live here, this house, there is a bathroom in it.Don t go to the other bedroom suite, it s someone else s.There is a separate study room and yoga room, where you can store your paintings and refrigerator after you move them in.It won t be too late to move out the green diet pill how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight after your official appointment.Chen Wei frowned This is your room, right Is this okay An Ran glanced at Chen Guai in surprise How do you know this is my room.Chen Guai It smells.An Ran was about to speak when a notification sounded on her phone, waiting for her to turn on the phone.Turning on the phone, it turned out to be a message from Hallyu, which said Until this matter is over, no matter what, you can t let lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Chen Wei go out at will, and don t mention him to anyone, otherwise Linhu District and Baota District will probably come to snatch him.

The short haired girl and the tattooed man both understood, and the tattooed man frowned Even if a fierce ghost appears, it shouldn t be frequent and kill people.One day A building, at least it is a powerful ghost master.Han Liu So, my assessment of this incident is horror.Is this the second horror incident in Tianhuo City The short haired girl took out a lollipop from her pocket, peeled off the packaging, and stuffed it into her mouth What are the conditions here Can ghosts be born Hallyu The original site of Dongfang Yayuan was a cemetery, which was photographed 13 years ago.It is said that an ancient death pit was dug here in the early stage of construction.When the construction started, some strange things happened, and some people died.The project was put on hold.It took 5 years for someone to take over.

This middle aged man was holding a dagger in his how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight hand, and a kitchen knife was floating in the air beside best way to lose weight all over fen fen diet pills side effects him.Chen Kuai saw that beside the middle aged man, there were four ferocious looking evil spirits escorting him, and on his shoulders, there were also two ghost babies lying on their stomachs, even showing silly smiles.Seeing this scene, Chen Kuai probably understood why the woman in red said she could hit three with one.Maybe this person is very good at controlling ghosts, but as far as fighting is concerned, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight maybe he is really not good at it.This posture really doesn t look like a person with combat experience.Or, this ghost master is too confident, thinking that no one can break free from his hallucination ability.Just at this moment, the middle aged man staggered to the woman in red, and muttered I know I can t trap you for too long, but it s not how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight a problem to trap you how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight for a few minutes.

But now, shouldn t it Sure enough, you are pretending.The ghost driver s face changed drastically, and he didn t know that Chen Kuai was a clown, nor did he know Chen Kuai s strength.But if he killed a ghost baby himself in one blow, how could his strength be weak What annoyed him even more was that the policewoman behind speckled egg diet pills Chen Kuai pretended to be hallucinating, probably deliberately luring him to attack her.Damn.He knew that the official was difficult to deal with, but he didn t expect it to be so difficult.However, when everyone thought that Chen Guai was quite powerful, Chen Guai only thought, why are awakened ghosts so weak Could it be because of the sneak attack from behind In fact, Chen Kuai had never confronted awakened ghosts head on.The ghosts he killed with a slingshot last night, as well as the ghosts he killed with card games and bomb puppets, were all killed by skills.

At nine o clock the next morning, Lin Lingsu and An Ran were awakened by an inexplicable scent coming from the living room.After Lin Lingsu came out in dinosaur pajamas, he saw Chen Kuai sitting on the sofa playing games alone.It was a puzzle game, Lin Lingsu bought it and gave up within two hours of playing it.No, Lin Lingsu rubbed his eyes and said, Artist, what did you do in the kitchen Chen Kuai was playing the game intently, and said casually, Tofu, straw mushroom, crucian carp soup and siu mai are not ready yet.It s still half an hour.When Lin Lingsu heard that there was still half an hour left, she immediately turned around and said, Then we will come out in half an hour.God knows why it takes half an hour for a woman to get up, Chen Guai continued to play After 25 minutes, I came to the floor to ceiling windows of the living room, stretched my muscles a little, and saw that the two women were fully dressed.

Name Chen Wei Codename Artist Level Awakening Level Permission Level Three Prompt This prompt will only appear when the information is entered for the first time, or when the authority is upgraded hydroxycut diet pill watchdog and automatically updated.When seeing the three words artist, Chen Guai couldn t help frowning What s the matter with the code name The girl at the front desk quickly said Oh, the code name is entered by the Korean team.All official members of the Hunter Administration have their own code names.Of course, you can also Suggest amendments to the captain.Com Chen Guai So, how do I get to the Hunter Administration The girl at the front desk You may have to wait a little bit, after all, when you enter the store, you always order a set of clothes.If you have specific needs, you can Explain to me.In addition, let me introduce myself, I am You Hongdou at the front desk, you can how to effectively burn belly fat call me Hongdou or Doudou in the future.

In the office area, there are ten luxurious desks and chairs, computers and various configurations.These tables and chairs were in groups of two, eight of which were filled with various documents, and two tables and chairs were empty.At this moment, Lin Lingsu was holding a cup of soy milk in his hand and complaining Old Yan, why is today s soy milk so bad It smells like bean fish.Lao Yan took a sip with a confused face Is there any I Why didn t I drink it Lin Lingsu couldn t bear to refute There must be, no, I can t bear the smell.On the other side, the woman in red was leaning on her table, looking at Li who was having breakfast.Daoyi Taoist, why do I feel like I haven t seen you overnight You have become a little bit, something I can t tell, anyway, there are some changes.Li Daoyi Maybe you have become handsome.

After the glass door behind them was closed, Lin Lingsu said This best way to lose weight in arms and stomach is a five story bulletproof glass door.Even if there is an explosion outside, you can t hear it from inside.Lin Lingsu said Comprehensive test Among them, the first part of the project is actually very simple, nothing more than testing strength, speed, reaction ability and so on.You will know the rest soon.Papa With Lin Lingsu clapping his hands, only the dark place in front of him can be seen The corridor was suddenly illuminated by lights, and after a quiet look, it was actually an underground runway seven or eight meters wide and about 100 meters long.Lin Lingsu pointed to this runway All the next tests are just to comprehensively evaluate your potential.But all these data are not used as an important reference standard.Because after reaching the extraordinary level, many data are no longer Meaningful.

The faceless man was like a shadow, surrounding Chen Wei s body.Suddenly, as if he had been frightened by something, his body turned into a white mist with a bang and disappeared.At this time, Chen Kuai felt some vibrations on the ground, and only saw a beetle man with a height of more than four meters at how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight the corner in front of him.This thing has two main legs, ten claws, half of the top of the head is a big red eyeball like a dragonfly, and half of the back is a beetle carapace.This thing seemed to have discovered Chen Guai s Chen Guai, and with a hiss, it walked towards Chen Guai.While walking, flapping its wings, a large number of small beetles fell from him, and crazily moved toward Chen Guai s.Climb up.Chen Guai could even feel the feeling of countless claws on his body, and even a beetle wanted to push his mouth open and push it into it.

But I personally suggest that a watch is a must.Seeing that, You Hongdou picked up a watch and said This one Inside the watch, two concealed poison needles are inserted.The upper button can shoot high strength paralyzing poison needles, the lower button is high strength lethal poison needles, and the middle button, lightly press for recording function, long press for support signal.Once trapped Difficulty, press the button, the hunter closest to you will put down what you are doing, and come to support as soon as possible.Chen Guai So, this watch has a positioning function You Hongdou Only press for help Signal will trigger the positioning system.It is also to protect the privacy of hunters and prevent the system from being invaded, so whether it is a watch or a mobile phone, the positioning function is automatically turned on.

But I have a monster canteen, and I can put it in the monster canteen in case of emergency.The help function of the watch is good.As for the hidden weapons hidden inside, it may be useless against monsters with a little defense, but what if it is needed When dealing with special events, any situation may be encountered.Therefore, you can prepare a watch and an electric shock ring.As for knives, he doesn t know how to play with them either, it would be interesting if he cut himself off again.Moreover, I have an indispensable machete, which is much more powerful than a small dagger.As for the talisman, the eye opening talisman is obviously not needed, but others don t know that they have already awakened yin and yang eyes, so they still need to bring a few.In the end, Chen Kuai only chose a pistol and three magazines.

The forensic doctor carefully took the clothes, but before the clothes were unfolded, Chen Kuai said, The scent of roses and the smell of earth.Well, don t read it.The forensic doctor looked confused, is that enough My fucking clothes haven t been unrolled yet.He also deliberately pulled down the mask, but he didn t smell anything.Seeing that Chen Kuai went out directly, An Ran couldn t help chasing after him That s all right Chen Kui said calmly As she said, his clothes were indeed stained with some messy things, and after soaking in water, some of them dissipated., but I just need to look for something different from the rest of the smell.The earthy smell is normal, but the earthy smell plus the scent of roses forms a limiting condition.Therefore, he must have contacted yesterday, I passed roses, and there were a lot of roses.

, is an ordinary person who can t be more ordinary.Wang Yang s girlfriend has a great background, and she turns out to be Kang Xue, the daughter of Kang biking help lose weight Xu, a well known wine king in Tianhuo City.Kang Xu, 54 years old, is the founder and president of Tianhuo Liquor Industry.Tianhuo City has a liquor base, a winery, and a fruit wine factory.Its industry is not only related to wine, he also has these three large bars in Tianhuo City, and even dabbled in real estate.Didi An Ran has not yet After reading, the new news came again, and I had to lament the speed of Yang Shu s news.Huh An Ran was puzzled and said, Kang Xue reported her disappearance two years ago, but there has been no news yet.At that time, there was a lot of noise about Kang Xu s search for her daughter, and a reward of tens of millions was offered.

With the mobile phone, before the man noticed, he took a photo and sent it to Yang Shu.Seeing this, the man how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills s expression changed drastically, and he rushed forward while scolding, trying to snatch An Ran s phone.What are you doing What are you filming However, before he came to An Ran, a small book appeared in front of this man.I only heard An Ran say The police are handling the case, what do you want to do The man was taken aback when he heard this, but then forced a smile and said Two police comrades, we are just a small plantation.What s the matter An Ran said indifferently You don t care if there is anything, so, where is Wang Yang The man hurriedly said Wang Yang is really not here, he hasn t been home for two years., My wife and I are currently .

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running this place for him.Did Wang Yang cause trouble outside Who are you The man sighed slightly I am Wang Yang s father The plantation was lost to us, and we haven t called us for almost two years.

At this time, Yang Shu s message had been sent to An Ran and Chen Guai.I saw Yang Shu s message saying Wang Yang s father, Wang An, is 57 years old and has no record of any violation of laws and regulations.At the same time, Yang Shu s message also included a photo of Wang Yang s mother and a few simple life relationship notes.I saw that Chen Guai who was at the side said, Have you dug the ground this morning Wang An was taken aback, not knowing what Chen Guai meant by interrupting suddenly, but he nodded quickly Yes, I dug for a while in the morning., planed a few roses and transplanted them into potted plants.It s the season, and there are many of them.Chen Kuai You are the only one in such a big plantation Wang An quickly said And my wife, Zhang Meizi , Meizi Chen Guai signaled that he didn t need to shout Just the two of you Wang An There are a few temporary workers, and they are all delivering goods now.

As soon as the old woman appeared, she begged quickly We said, we said everything, please, comrade policemen, don t shoot my son, he is not dead yet, he can still recover.An Ran looked at Chen Weird, while Chen Wei said lightly It is an obvious weakness to spend so much effort to grow people into this way.Chen Wei felt that the vines wrapped around his calves had all shrunk back, but he did not.don t care.Because he was sure that Wang An and Zhang Mei would definitely give up.However, if people become like this, they can change back.Chen Guai doesn t believe it.The internal organs, limbs and bones have all changed and become part of a plant.Can this change back Moreover, even if these two really change back, they are probably dead.Because at their feet, oh no, on the ground, their rhizomes were covered with some criss crossed white bones, and there was a relatively fresh corpse with wrinkled skin and flesh, which was covered with roots, obviously regarded as this The nourishment of the two treants was gone.

Therefore, indirectly speaking, these two human flower monsters may have killed a lot of people.And this is only seen on the surface.Under the feet of these two flower monsters, it is unknown how many people are buried.An Ran has already stood by Chen Kuai s side, and in the face of strange and unknown means, only by working together can he have a chance.And the old woman grabbed the rose, walked over quickly, and hurriedly said It is Kang Xue, she is the culprit, all these crimes should be Kang Xue s, she is the monster, it is the culprit.He turned my son into this, and he killed these people.An Ran Isn t Kang Xue missing The old woman s expression became grim, with anger and resentment Missing No, She didn t.She was a monster, yes, she turned into a total monster, all because of her.Every now and then, she would send someone to send a corpse to be buried here An Ran So, what do you mean These people were all killed by Kang Xue, and have nothing to do with you Since she is still alive, where is she Wang An sighed, Yes, everyone here was killed by Kang Xue.

You can arrest Kang Xue or us, but please save my son.Suddenly, Chen Kuai said, Who is how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight this woman next to Wang Yang Both the old woman and Wang An paused, and then looked at the woman with an angry expression, only to hear the old woman grit her teeth again with hatred Fox, she is the one who deserves to be damned, if it wasn t for She, Kang Xue won t turn my son into this.Yes, she is also one of the culprits.Chen Kuai and An Ran looked at each other, probably is keto good for burning fat discovering some of the inside story.In Yang Shu s information, Wang Yang and Kang Xue are a couple, and Zhang Mei said that this woman is a vixen, the answer seems self evident.The mistress intervenes, and the main wife kills in anger, leaving her husband and mistress on the ground Chen Kuai looked at An Ran You deal with it An Ran looked at Wang An and Zhang Mei and said, Even if you don t know where Kang Xue is, you should have her phone number or contact information, right Yes, yes, but This phone is usually not picked up by Kang Xue himself.

The demonic plants and trees are extremely concealed.It is best to kill and burn them as soon as how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight they are discovered.Type Monster Category Natural Strength Awakening Class F Class Skill 1 Bone penetrating Specially strengthened willow branches can easily cut through hard objects such as steel and bones.Skill 2 Willow twig entanglement The method of trapping and killing, using multiple willow branches to entangle and trap the enemy.Monster ingredients Willow wood core, willow buds Remarks Burning it is the best way.I don t know if the willow monster noticed something, but suddenly, a dozen willow branches entangled towards Chen monster.Chen Guai s reaction speed was not slow.When he saw the data information in his eyes, he already wanted to back away.He just didn t expect the willow wood demon to make a move as soon as he said it.

Be careful When Chen Kuai saw the message of the Human Flower Puppet, Chen Kuai s heart sank slightly, not because of how strong the Human Flower Puppet was, but because it was not easy to fight.I saw that Chen Kuai pulled An Ran who had just landed, and the next moment, he saw the human flower puppet raise the vegetative hand and stab An Ran in the direction just now.A piece of rhizome and branch was pierced, and Chen Kuai kicked it fiercely.With three times the strength of An Ran s legs, he finally knocked the flower puppet to the ground.An Ran backhanded a shot, directly hitting the flower puppet s head between the eyebrows, which was not yet fully vegetative, and punched a bullet hole.I saw the moving branches and roots of the flower puppet suddenly go limp.Seeing this, Chen Kui and An Ran felt that they had found the weakness of the human flower puppet, but the next moment, they saw the human flower puppet tremble twice, those limb functions seemed to have returned, and they saw that he was about to continue crawling immediately.

Besides, even if you get my body, you can t get my heart.An how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Ran Get lost.In the corridor of the hotel, two peripheral members were supporting the man who was seduced by Kang Xue before, and the young master was slapping him in the face.Although the man s head was wet and still dripping, it was obvious that the young master hadn t been able to wake him up.Hey Hey, I m so sleepy Sure enough, the resistance of ordinary people is too low.Cough An Ran coughed, and immediately asked, Young Master, where is Team Han Young Master I don t know What about chasing Kang Xue, that s enough, you are tired too, leave the rest to Team Han.Chen Kuai said indifferently There are people watching in the corridor.At this time, many doors have been opened , Many people are looking at this side with their heads probed.

I want revenge, and I will Wang Yang and that woman were planted on the ground, I don t want him to die, I want him to feel hopeless, I want him to go crazy how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight in silence and stillness, I want him to realize that he can t speak, he can t move, there is only a little left The mental pain, I want him to grow old in despair.Hearing this, Chen Wei closed his eyes, because at this moment, Kang Xue was a little out of control, her body was twisting and changing, and it seemed that she would become a different person at any moment.tree carb pairing to lose weight man.And Chen Kuai wanted to see some expressions, some emotional changes, and he had already seen them.Kang Xue was venting, Chen Guai seemed to be resting with his eyes closed, An Ran didn t interrupt.It wasn t until Kang Xue calmed down that An Ran said Wang Yang did something wrong, even if he deserves to die, but what does this have to do with Wang Yang s parents Why do they have to look at Wang Yang like that every day He thought about what they have done.

Pfft As soon as Ye Weiwei finished speaking, another man next to the middle aged man poured Ye Weiwei s face with a glass of wine.I just heard him yell Fuck, do you have a place to talk Chapter 48 Don t show face At the moment when this glass of wine was poured out, the lazy looking man at the door Uncle Qiang, who was so sleepy that he was about to fall asleep, suddenly opened his eyes and walked straight to the bar.However, the two middle aged men seemed to have drunk a lot, and they didn t realize that someone was coming, or even if they did, they probably didn t care.The middle aged man was still yelling Boy, don t say that my brother didn t give you a chance.With the bottle of wine in my hand, you can get bored and get out.I ll pretend nothing happened.What if I don t The middle aged man saw that Chen Kuai didn t hesitate at all, and immediately laughed angrily You re pretty darn good.

He also saw that Chen Kuai was also a ruthless person, a guy who didn t even give brother Tianhuolong any face, no matter what happened afterwards, but at this moment, he really didn t dare to be tough.After 20 to 30 seconds, this person has changed from standing in front of Chen Guai to squatting in front of Chen Guai.Because squatting, the distance of water falling in mid air will be longer, and the temperature will drop slightly.It was very hot, but he finally carried it over.Boss After being reminded again by Uncle Qiang, Chen Kuai casually put down the kettle, and then said calmly, After lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight drinking this cup of tea, you can go.The middle aged man looked at the tea in his hand in horror , how the hell do you want to drink it Can you drink it without dying But at this time, Uncle Qiang grabbed the cup of tea, squeezed the man s mouth open, and poured it in.

At this moment, Feng Liang became a little more sober.He raised his head and looked at Chen Guai.After the two of them looked at each other for a few seconds, he looked around again.After a long pause, he said again Could it be that I m dead too Chen Guai After drinking this bowl of soup, you will know whether you are dead or not.Feng Liang actually felt that he was still conscious, and he could recall his journey from the scene of the fire to the hospital.However, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight at this moment, he still felt a little weird, strange cafeteria, strange soup, could it be Mengpo soup But there is no Granny Meng here either Or, Po Meng is actually a man After staring at the bowl of willow soup in front of him for a long time, Feng Liang suddenly picked up the soup and gulped it down.Although he couldn t feel any special taste from the willow wood soup, Feng Liang felt unusually cool, as if there was a breath that penetrated his how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight whole body and rushed straight to his mind, making people feel a sense of ecstasy.

Although it seems to be more precious than lifespan, ordinary people can also draw spiritual energy.Chen Kuai sighed slightly, thinking that s all, after all, it s not a loss to have three more bottles of spiritual medicine at once.Feng Liang What is air Feng Liang thought to himself that he was young, and maybe he didn t care about the two year lifespan, but Yaya was still a child after all, so the green diet pill how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight this air should not be simple, at how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight least it should be on par with lifespan.Squeak Of course, Chen Guai would not answer Feng Liang, but with a thought, he opened the door of the cafeteria.He only listened to his advice You may not be able to see Yaya when you are outside, but you must know that Yaya is by your side.Also, if you don t want to die, don t steal this fried rice.No.Goodbye, uncle.Goodbye.

As for the two middle aged men lying on the stretcher, their eyes almost popped out.How have they seen such fierce people Is it realistic to beat people into the air At the moment when Chen Kuai made his move, Li Chuang s eyes lit up.Awakened I saw that the thin looking what is the best keto diet pill that works man who was sitting behind Li Chuang stood up.This man looked at Li Chuang, and Li Chuang shouted Everyone else go out, A Long, A Dao, you stand at the door, no one is allowed to look.A Long and A Dao were the ones who were thrown and kicked by Chen Kuai just now, although they were defeated with does shaking your belly burn fat one move, Chen Kuai didn t go too far use force.He wouldn t have to fight to the death with the underground forces in Tianhuo City just because of a fight.A Long and A Dao struggled to get up at this moment, and seemed to have guessed Chen Guai s identity, so they didn t say a word.

The construction team, isn t there three people still alive Except Liu Meng who was sent to a mental hospital, there is another named Gao Shuang who suffers from dementia and has been taken care of by his family.The other is Zhou Jie, who is crazy and sent to Arrived at the Yincheng Rehabilitation Center.Of course I couldn t miss them, but just now, five members of Gao Shuang s family were wiped out, and the three peripheral members we were in charge of monitoring lost contact.So I suspect something will happen to Zhou Jie. Understood. Chapter 55 The key to life saving After hearing the young master s description, Chen Kuai and Zhao Hongyi naturally knew the seriousness of this matter.But this matter itself also revealed some doubts.In the car, Chen Guai was puzzled Gao Shuang and Zhou Jie should be just ordinary people.

But what puzzled him was whether what i need motivation to lose weight Zhou Jie said this time was too straightforward Before he even asked a few words, he said that he had the key.Could it be that the invisible man 30 diet pills in the room hasn t shown up since lunch Impossible, Gao Shuang s whole family has been wiped out, and the invisible man has been hiding here for several hours.If he hasn t shown up until now, what is he doing here He would not wait for himself and Zhao Hongyi.Therefore, Chen Kuai believed that the invisible man had already asked.And it wasn t the first time how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight that Zhou Jie had mentioned the key.Chen how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Kuai Tell me, where is the key I can t say it, I can t say it, I will die if I say it, I don t want to die, I can t say it, I can t say it Sure enough, Chen Kuai thought to himself, this is a life saving key Chen Kuai asked again Zhou Jie, what is this key for I don t know, don t kill me, don t come here, I can t tell, I how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight can t tell Chapter 56 Fierce Battle against Invisible Man What should we do now Zhao Hongyi cared more about the Lanshan Mental Hospital than the crazy Zhou Jie, everyone went there, only the two of them came here, one can imagine which is more important.

Ouch And behind the young master, there was a sound of vomiting one after another.Just ask an ordinary person, who has witnessed such a scene, how can he not vomit It s just that no one pays attention to them at the moment.The young master quickly changed the topic How did you manage to make that guy eat the miniature bomb She didn t know how to describe Chen Wei s chat to them.Although she seemed to have only heard the second half of it, it was enough nonsense, it was outrageous.However, Zhao Hongyi was also curious Why can you climb the wall Can you suck up on the roof Chen Kuai had already thought of a countermeasure, so he said, I don t know the details, the person who came here just now On the way, I felt a little uncomfortable in my head, and then I will.Uh The three of them were speechless at the same time, what kind of explanation is this But now is not the time to ask these questions.

But the problem is that the tree is too tall, more than seven or eight meters high.The spherical shape is too round, like a bright moon reflected in this hazy park, its diameter may be more than ten meters.Zhao Hongyi This tree looks a bit strange Young Master It s more than strange.It can t be a tree at all.Whose tree looks like this After speaking, Young Master greeted Da Zhuang, Shout out Hearing the words, Da Zhuang immediately shouted Taoist, An Ran, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Su Su, are you there The Da Zhuang man had a loud voice, and when he howled, the humming sound suddenly disappeared.Disappeared.The next moment, I heard a happy girl s how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight voice from the small slope in the middle of the river Is anyone here again Hello, are you here to save me Huh fat burner energy booster gnc A weird feeling, is this someone calling for help I only heard the young master say Girl on the other side, are you trapped in the middle of the river The girl responded immediately No I m trapped in this steel forest, I really want to go out, I want to see bigger I want to fly freely in the sky, I want to take root in the field of hope, but I can t find the exit.

Lin Lingsu The problem is how to get out We have tried many times, but we can t find a way out at all.Could it be that we are trapped somewhere like entering a dream At this moment, everyone Before he had time to react, Chen Kuai grabbed the root of the Illusory Demon Flower, pulled it hard, and uprooted it.Hey hey Li Daoyi shouted quickly, trying to stop him, but it was already too late.Even the Korean wave can t help being speechless, why is it so stupid However, the next moment, the light how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills in the hall suddenly brightened, and everyone couldn t help but look outside, only to see the sun pouring down on how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight the ground, illuminating the ground golden.Before, the weather in the entire mental hospital was very gloomy, and the black clouds almost reached the roof.Now that they have seen the light, everyone naturally knows what it means.

Of course, I have to admit that the eating effect of this ghost s protection is quite good.If I can get more ingredients in the future, I can consider getting rid of it.After reading the recipe, Chen Kuai took the two hollowed out Soul Breaker Ant Tentacles brazilian seed to lose weight side effects and left the Monster Cafeteria.Before 8 30 in the morning, Chen Guai had already cooked several dishes, while Lin Lingsu and An Ran had already been waiting on the sofa for ten minutes.When Chen Kuai brought a plate of exquisite dishes and dim sum to the table, Lin Lingsu couldn t help exclaiming This morning seems how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight to be very rich There is even chicken soup, what is this black thing Chen Kuai Casually said Sea cucumber, Flammulina velutipes sea cucumber best way to lose weight all over fen fen diet pills side effects chicken soup, nourishing energy and nourishing mind.What about this I know green beans, what kind of meat is this roasted It smells so good.

Li Daoyi joked Come on, They still have strength, and it s normal to be a little arrogant.Han Liu said in a low voice Okay, come here, no matter who is behind you, share the things, each person will take one first, and when it has no effect, come to me Get the second one.After a while, Chen Kuai held a finger thick, two inch long test tube like thing, and couldn t help being stunned, how could this thing resemble his spiritual substance container It is a bit similar, but not the same.This tube is not as delicate as the spiritual container, and the opening is not the same, but it is already very similar, and it is difficult for him not to have doubts.Where did those storage containers in the refrigerator in the monster cafeteria come from Could it be a coincidence Chen Guai asked How do I use this Hallyu You can just take it orally.

Your choice Can spiritual monster ectoplasm essence compare with this Li Dao said with a smile Okay, let s not talk about it.Hey, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight by the way, why don t we make a bet and see who gets the ability first The old man Yan I agree.I ll bet on breakfast for a month, and Enron will succeed first.Li Daoyi was speechless for a moment Hey, I won t take you cheating like this.Get rid of the easiest ones and get rid of the hardest ones.Old Yan shrugged and said Okay I ll choose the poplar tree.Young Master I ll choose myself.I still have two spiritual points.Li Daoyi I choose Susu.She is just a step away from being promoted to Chaofan.Lin Lingsu I choose Yangshu.Lao Yan Why is no one choosing me and Da Zhuang lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Li Dao Yi said in a bad mood Who most effective non prescription diet pills doesn t know that you are attacking the multiple abilities of a single spirit am i eating too few calories to lose weight point Even if I choose Chen Guai, I don t choose both of you.

Therefore, he set his sights on the county level area.And Qingshan County, which is under the jurisdiction of Beimen District, is the county where Li Daoyi and Zhao Hongyi went to fight zombies, and it is also the county where Ye Weiwei s adoptive parents live.It got its name because it was backed by mountains.At ten o clock in the morning the day before yesterday, when Chen Kuai and the others were having a meeting in the bureau, an incident happened.This is a mad cow incident.It is said that at the foot of Mount Qi, an old buffalo went crazy, and not only killed the owner of the house, but also overturned a 20 ton truck.Rushed into the mountain inside.Ordinary people might think this incident was a ferocious mad cow, but in the eyes of hunters, it was an obvious monster incident.The reason why this incident was classified as extraordinary was because the impact force of the cow Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight exceeded 30 tons, which was ten times the limit impact force of the bison.

Thank you.The boy was very sincerely grateful.He didn t care if he really lost three years of life, but at least he didn t spend money on this meal.In his subconscious mind, longevity may not be as important as money.Anyway, he really didn t feel bad.After the boy finished eating with a full face, Chen Kuai reminded again After you go out, you can call the police and truthfully explain what you saw and heard.If there is no accident, even if this steak can t cure your wife, it won t hurt you.Someone will heal you.The boy was stunned for a moment, and immediately bowed slightly to Chen Kuai Thank you, if my wife how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills is really how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills cured, I, Dai Le, will burn incense every day for the rest of my life, thank you, boss.Chen Kuai Some couldn t laugh or cry, just about to say no, the man hastily opened the door and ran out.

Plop.Seeing Chen Kuai casually throwing the fish into the mine pit, the young master couldn t help saying without a word What a pity to throw it away It was finally caught.Chen Kuai said indifferently This silver carp is too small, it belongs to small fish The young master best way to lose weight all over fen fen diet pills side effects is obviously a fake fishing friend, he was stunned for a moment and said Really Such a big fish is still a small fish Chen Kuai didn t bother to talk to him, and after another 20 minutes, Chen Kuai had already caught three fish They were all small silver carp about a foot long, so naturally they were all released by him.Li What are you doing Chen Kuai tilted his head and looked at Young Master, who was talking into the phone with a smile on his face.Ying What are you doing The guy who said he wanted to fish and bask in the sun had already thrown away his fishing rods, and chatted by voice next to Chen Guai from time to time, which had seriously affected Chen Guai s fishing mood.

Because the other person didn t pick up the stool, he turned his head to look at the person chasing him early in the morning.Seeing this scene, his heart stopped suddenly, thinking what s going on I saw Chen Guai s face was a little troubled, and his voice .

where to buy old ace diet pills?

was cold Although the visitor is a guest, it doesn t mean that you can say anything.You will be punished with a hundred slaps in the face.It must be loud and hard.The man with the knife Just fell to the ground, still haven t recovered, heard this and wanted Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight to curse out loud.But he reacted immediately and trembled all over.Where has such a restaurant appeared in the street of the black market He didn t pay attention when he came in just now, but when he saw it now, he just felt horrified.Moreover, he only felt that his body was a little out of control, and he also felt that his face was itchy, and he really wanted to slap it.

Crack However, as soon as the tiger came in, he saw a young man standing in the corner, slapping his cheeks with both hands so hard that the corners of his mouth were bleeding and his mouth was swollen.At his feet, a bloody machete fell.And this young man, when he saw the tiger, seemed to see a life saving straw.Master Tiger, beat me, beat me, I m a good guy Beat you The tiger was stunned for a moment, and then realized that this guy s words were leaking, and he probably knocked out his own teeth.He should mean to let himself save him, he belongs to Brother Dong.But, how much strength did this guy use Can you beat yourself to this extent However, Chen Kui said casually You seem to have forgotten what I just said to you, say one more word, add ten more slaps, don t miss it.The young man suddenly showed panic, and then looked at the tiger s eyes , has turned into a plea.

operate The key is that the person who gets this business card will be able to know the business hours of the monster cafeteria.Is this a bit unreasonable Didn t you say that entering the monster cafeteria depends on fate Is there any special treatment for co authoring I saw this man calmly picked up the business card and smiled slightly I also gave you a free how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight order, which is good.After speaking, the man met Chen Wei s gaze, walked to the bar and sat down and said, I m leaving It s a long way, I m a little thirsty, let s have a bowl of soup Okay This time, Chen Kuai didn t say that he couldn t order food, this person is obviously not an ordinary person.He was not surprised or curious about the monster canteen, and he didn t feel any disturbance when he saw the business card of the monster canteen, as if all of this was a matter of course.

Han Liu patted Yang Shu and slowly got up.The latter understood and quickly cleaned up the relevant materials about how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Chen Wei.I only heard the young master say Captain, bring one back, Xiaoya is going to leave one.The rest will probably fall into Lao Qian s pocket.Han Liu nodded It s better than nothing.In two days , our North Gate District will also have a group of newcomers in place, all of whom have undergone training.The young master couldn t help but wondered Did you pick them up so soon Han Liu I ll tell you later, you take this new companion first.Go in After finishing speaking, Han Liu said to Chen Kuai I worked hard last night, and I asked detox smoothies to lose weight you to carry out the mission while sick.Your Baimugui spirit essence is still here, do you want to absorb it now Chen Kuai nodded Absorb it But I may ask for a day off tomorrow.

It s just that the entry threshold for mental power is high.Maybe your strength grows quickly, but the improvement of mental power is very slow.For example, it is difficult for an extraordinary mind controlling powerhouse to control a small ball to double the speed of sound.Chen Guai How about controlling heavier objects Korean Wave It consumes more energy.This little ball is does massage burn fat just a passing test.In the mental test, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills there are also tests such as precise manipulation of multiple quantities at the same time, manipulation of objects of different masses, and manipulation of multiple quantities of objects of different qualities.I saw that the Hallyu was on the wall, and in a short while, dozens of small balls sprayed out of the wall and rolled to the ground.Hallyu Try how many balls you can control at the same time.

Chen Kuai tried it, and saw a total of 13 small balls on the ground, all of which flew up.Yes, the range control is not bad.I saw Hallyu clicked on the screen again, and 20 small balls sprayed out on the wall of the house again.But this time, when Chen Kuai tried to lift all these small balls, he felt a little out of spirits, but in the end, all 33 small balls were suspended.Hallyu pressed again, and pressed again, until 100 small balls appeared in the room, and Hallyu said, Try again.But this time, Chen Guai didn t lift all of them up, and only managed to lift 61 balls in the end.However, Han Liu was a little confused, and looked at Chen Guai in amazement How did you do it Speechless Can you make these small balls fly in different directions Each direction must be different.Chen Kuai tried it immediately when he heard this, only to hear da da da most of the balls fell to the ground , in the end, only 16 small balls moved in different directions.

After speaking, Han Liu said on the phone What is the number one in the country It s nothing, you heard it wrong, why do you care so much Even An Ran couldn t help propping up her chin, laying down on the table, listening to Yang Shu yelling, sighing in her heart that people best new diet pills 2015 are better than others, and she is so angry.Even though she has now absorbed the monster abilities of the Dark Night best exercises to do at home to lose weight fast Demon Cat and Lightning Cat, and has undergone two physical enhancements, she has still not been able to surpass Chen Guai s first test score.Even, in addition to the speed of reaction and speed, other aspects are still a lot worse.Now, Chen Kuai tested again, directly opening the gap between them again.However, An Ran was not discouraged.Some people were born with extraordinary potential and extraordinary talent.

But when he came to the outside of Bishui Village, he stopped suddenly.There was indeed an earthquake here, and a huge crack stretched out on the ground.The land in many places has collapsed and shattered.Bishui Village is now built on the mountain, but the mountain has collapsed by nearly half.At this moment, Chen Kuai was almost standing in the ruins.He still couldn t believe it.Why was an earthquake of this magnitude so small It s just that Chen Kuai doesn t have time to think about this right now, the most urgent thing is to find Ye Weiwei.The area of the water avoiding village is not large, but there are more than 2,000 households, and the permanent population should be around 3,000.It is not difficult to find Ye Weiwei.The mobile phone of the Hunter Administration is specially made.Even if all the facilities here are destroyed, he can still track and locate.

Chen Kuai best way to lose weight all over fen fen diet pills side effects s enemies are not only the living dead, but also a tomb slayer beast.Perhaps the power of the stars in the night sky is really great, so the tomb suppressing beast didn t rush over immediately.Just when Chen Kuai had doubts and wondered if this thing still had any remaining intelligence, the tomb slayer beast rushed over again.For the first time, Chen Kuai didn t use the stars in the night sky.After all, there were only two ordinary bullets left.Punishment ammunition was useless against zombies, and killing ammunition needed to be based on anger, and Chen Guai was not angry.Therefore, apart from the finishing ammunition, Chen Kuai only had two ordinary ammunition.I saw that as soon as Chen Kuai stretched out his hand, a glove appeared in his hand, and quickly covered the entire arm, turning into a withered, terrifying arm.

Therefore, it is imminent to be promoted to the Transcendent level.After Chen Kuai came out of An best way to lose weight all over fen fen diet pills side effects Ran s house, it was already 7 20 in the evening.And An Ran happened to call Although the captain didn t let me go, but there are Linhu District and Baota District in the city to help defend, I think it s better for me to go there.Do you want to go together Chen Wei said calmly I want Eat, go after eating.An Ran was silent for a few seconds Okay, eat quickly.An Ran had no choice but to deal with this strange habit.In the morning, he hurriedly dragged him to find someone, but he stayed at home for dinner without any haste, and by the time he reached the black market, the fog had cleared.Now, it s not easy for her to go to Ye Weiwei s house and drag Chen Kuai out forcibly Not to mention that I didn t get to know Chen Guai to that extent, I have no right to do this At eight o clock in the evening, at the foot of the green hill, Chen Wei, who was wearing a black windbreaker and a black mask, got out of the taxi.

Everyone entered the tomb one after another.Such traps and so on, since the Taoist priests and Korean Liu have come, even if there are traps, they should be almost ruled out.Moreover, there are two torches in front, which should be specially reserved for them.Only how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Zhao Hongyi said Apart from the torches, what else Don t touch anything, don t take anything.Chen Guai, you lead the way, just follow the Taoist priests trail.Old Yan Anyway, after dawn, we will officially take over.Do you want to come An Ran Everything here is official.Lin Lingsu said speechlessly Anran, don t be serious, just go to this pile of skeletons and zombies, in case there is any talent hereDarling, we must keep it ourselves.The treasures of heaven and earth in the tomb Zhao Hongyi sneered Even if we meet, I m afraid it might not be useful for living people.

The reason why they can see it is that there are fires burning in several altar caves action diet pills best way to lose weight all over on the opposite rock wall.Lin Lingsu said It s the captain.Only he can put the torch over there through mental power.The how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight reason why he didn t take it away should be to show us the way.As he spoke, Lin Lingsu only pointed to another torch more than 30 meters away from the opposite cliff.There is a coffin standing upright.The key point is that some coffins are indeed broken, and there does not seem to be a corpse inside.Gudu Lao Yan swallowed his saliva and said, Don t tell me, those coffins contain zombies.Lin Lingsu also sighed a little If all of them go out, it will be a disaster.Not quite right.Suddenly, Chen Kuai spoke, his voice was calm but firm.An Ran What did you find Chen Kuai Taoists said that this is a tomb from the Liao and Jin Dynasties, but at that time, due to the influence of Khitan and Buddhist culture, cremation was popular.

I have launched a call for help, let s go out quickly, I want to make a call to Yangshu.At the gate of the tomb.Zhao Hongyi was on the phone, Lin Lingsu was healing Han Liu and Li Daoyi, and Chen Kuai was thinking about something.To be honest, even if Chen Kuai held the Night Sky None of the stars has the power to fight, which is completely beyond his ability.The strength shown by Han Liu and Li Daoyi is too strong, even if he is promoted to the extraordinary level, he may not be able to reach their level.But Even so, the Korean wave with special props and Li Daoyi, who was hiding a terrifying hole card, almost folded himself in.This means that in the salmon to lose weight face of the current crisis, the strength of the awakening level is completely insufficient.It is necessary to be promoted lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight to the extraordinary level as soon as possible.

Chen Kuai said calmly Physical pain will affect the how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight experience of eating, which is not good.At least, with me, you have to eat well when you eat.He said so, but Chen Kuai was actually testing the monster The power of rules in the canteen.He also wanted to test whether the monster cafeteria had extremely antidepressants and diet pills high authority, and is keto pills safe for heart whether he could really be omnipotent here.He has never tried to heal others.He didn t even try it himself, he always drank life potions.But now it seems that in my canteen, it seems that there is no need to drink potions at all, as long as I have enough life, it seems that action diet pills best way to lose weight all over I can do it according to my own will.At this moment, looking at Han Liu with a red halo on his body, Han Liu and Lin Lingsu were extremely shocked.Chen Kuai suddenly seemed to realize something, and with a thought, Suddenly found that the lifespan in the slot machine was suddenly reduced by 10 years.

Previously, by observing Zhao Hongyi and the others, I was able to draw conclusions.The power levels of the extraordinary level and the awakening level were already nearly doubled.Is it reasonable to make a Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight breakthrough and double the overall how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight how often do you take keto diet pills strength As a natural evolutionary person, He was recognized as a genius, and his promotion was accompanied by physical enhancement, so the triple strength enhancement should be regarded as quite satisfactory.In the audio, the young master almost roared Ahhh I m only a few minutes short, just a few minutes.Hallyu glanced at the speaker angrily I m applying for resources for you, stop calling.Okay, what you said, Captain, we ll apply in the afternoon.Chen Guai didn t care what other people how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight thought.Regarding the promotion to Transcendence, if there was no Monster Canteen s participation, it might indeed shock the entire Hunter Administration.

Chapter 120 Characters At about two o clock in the afternoon, the others had already returned to their peak state, and they couldn t wait to go out on missions.Mainly, they want to test lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight and understand their current strength.Hallyu has been on the phone all the time, and it seems to lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight be quite secretive.He is probably talking to the above about the loss of the monster cafeteria and the zombie knife.Chen Guai and An Ran are learning about the newcomers, but they will go on missions later.There is no way, every time a major incident occurs, there will be some small incidents accumulated, and now there is not enough manpower, so we have to deal with them one by one.Yang Shu naturally stayed at the headquarters, but he sighed again and again, making Chen Wei a little bored.Ka The door of the practice room was opened, Chen Guai and An Ran couldn t help looking over it, Yang Shu also stood up with curiosity on his face.

In fact, most events these days, such small events, are relatively simple to handle.But for Ye Weiwei, this afternoon and night were quite extraordinary, so that she was still a little scared when Chen Kuai sent her home.Chen Guai Tomorrow morning at nine o clock, report to the place I just told you.Ye Weiwei Where s the bar Chen Guai I don t need to go to the bar for the time being, you have a good rest tonight.If someone asks, you just say that I m with you today and I didn t leave until early morning.Ye Weiwei couldn t help saying Okay.Can t your friends say that too Chen Kui said lightly To be precise, they are just my colleagues.Maybe they can be called friends, but they haven t reached the level of my complete trust. Oh Then you should be careful Yeah.Chen Guai still has a lot of things to do, for example, the dishes made today have not been sold out.

good.Chen Kuai doesn t mind learning more things.The so called skill is not overwhelming, and drawing symbols should be regarded as a skill.Lin Lingsu seems to be quite curious about drawing symbols, so he couldn t help saying I watch.Chen Kui s studio.When both of them sat down, Li Dao changed his previous unruly attitude one by one, and said seriously Chen Kui, the art of spells has a long history.The Yellow Emperor received it from the Queen Mother of the West, what is the best keto diet pills and passed it on to Shaohao, Shaohao Pass on Ruixu, spread his meaning on behalf of him, and pass it on endlessly.Li Er revealed his secrets, and opened up Taoism with the help of spells.Nodding Please speak.Li Daoyi The way of talisman, the top is poor and blue, and the bottom is Huangquan.There are 20 true interpretations of talismans, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight namely primitive, talisman keto elite pills lower blood sugar secret method, seven precepts, five taboos, pen times, supplies, empty book talismans, stickers.

By the way, how did you guess it Chen Kuai said lightly, Because we are not very familiar.Li Daoyi Judging from what Li Daoyi explained just now, the talismans and talismans can be said to be extensive and profound.Non immersed for a long time, almost elusive.The booklet that Li Daoyi took is not very thick.How many talismans can there be on it If Li Daoyi really wanted to teach, he would not have made such a small booklet, but should have made a big book like a recipe for monsters, which would be more convincing.Fortunately, Li Dao was thick skinned, and completely forgot what he said about making friends just best way to lose weight all over now, but said with a smile Hey As a human being, you can t be too smart.Well, the basic talisman is actually quite enough, use the basic Talisman, it s not me telling you, awakening level and extraordinary level ghosts, come one by one every second.

It has a natural restraint effect on ghosts and monsters.This sword is properly maintained by the Daomen s sword cultivation method, and the effect is better.Quality Extraordinary level E level Attribute Righteousness Skill 1 Suppressing evil, the killing effect on ghosts and corpse like creatures is increased by 30 , and it is basically ineffective against horror level and above.Skill 2 Blood Sacrifice, staining the sword body with its own blood essence, the killing effect on ghosts and corpse action diet pills best way to lose weight all over like creatures is increased by 50 , and it is basically ineffective against horror level and above.Use one hour apart.Skill 3 Sword Talisman, activate the sword body spell, double the killing effect on ghosts and corpses, and use it every 12 hours.Skill 4 Jade Broken, at the price of shattering the sword body, burst out a sword to kill evil, with a high probability of beheading horror level ghosts.

After stopping his practice, Chen Kuai how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight looked at his formula page again, only to see that it showed Reminder After completely digesting the extraordinary power, you can open the horror level evolution formula.Current digestion level 72 Suggestion Skillfully use various abilities to polish and develop body functions.Increase the digestion rate by 4 Although Chen Kuai guessed that the digestion rate would increase, he didn t expect it to increase so much.It was just two hours of exercise.If you follow this way, even if you only exercise for two hours a day, it will take at most a week to fully digest the extraordinary strength.If you work harder, you may be able to digest it in three days.Practice method It s really extraordinary. Chapter 123 Newcomer Registration After Chen Kuai took a shower, it was already nine o clock in the morning after he came out of the monster cafeteria.

This month, the average number of large and small incidents per day is as high as 15.Therefore, whenever everyone delays for a day and does not deal with these incidents, the cumulative There may be as many as 20 or even 30 monster incidents.Of course, I Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight m talking about the entire Tianhuo City.Chen Kuai nodded slightly, and as expected, as the foggy weather became more frequent, monster incidents became more frequent.more and more.Chen Kuai suspected that this number would increase after the countdown ended.Therefore, although there are 11 more newcomers, I am afraid that the manpower is still a bit stretched.In particular, although their comprehensive physical fitness will undergo earth shaking changes at the beginning of their awakening.But their initial strength is limited after all, and they have no experience, so these are also a problem.

Moreover, although Ye Weiwei is a girl, and she often acts cute and coquettish.But Chen Kuai knew that she was not like this in her bones.Back in the orphanage, this woman was very good at beating.Chen Kui said indifferently Is she the only one who might be a natural evolutionary An Ran couldn t help but be speechless How many more do you want Chapter best food to eat when trying to lose weight fast 124 The name of the shadow tree of people Half an hour later.An Ran and Chen Kuai have obtained the basic test results of everyone.Except for Ye Weiwei s comprehensive physical fitness, which crushed the audience, Yinyin s strength and defense are a level higher than others, which no one expected.An Ran said to Chen action diet pills best way to lose weight all over Kuai Ye Weiwei and Yinyin have the best grades and have great potential.Lincoln, Dai Le, Li Xiaohe and Li Mo are pure strength awakeners, so there is nothing to say.

Should be able to practice.Even, if the awakening level can practice, the effect will be better than the extraordinary level.As for why I can teach this, It s simple.I have used the wisdom mask before, and I have the powerhouses of the entire Tianhuo City to feed me.Combined with some ancient books and classics found on the Internet, it is no problem to say that I invented this practice method.After all, in the eyes of An Ran and the others, he was already a genius.Moreover, when I was teaching them the spirit pattern body training chapter, I would hide the two procedures of breathing and monster food.Although the effect will be worse, it must be better than the effect of their three day actual combat penance, or even much better.In the end, if I teach them the spirit pattern exercise chapter, then I can practice openly and aboveboard during working hours, which is called demonstration training.

This guy stays at the headquarters every day.He is so idle that he can see a world class painter like Chen Guai painting.How could he miss it And the ghost is a seven or eight year old girl, so naturally she doesn t need training.Sensing the gazes of the two, Chen Guai said indifferently It s fine, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight but don t talk, don t influence me.Yaya, right Although you don t need to train, you also need to listen to some monster cases told by sister An Ran.Listen, this way you can better protect your mother.Huh Brother, can you see me Yaya uttered in surprise and looked at Chen Wei curiously.Yang Shu trembled slightly Fuck, Yaya is here Chen Kuai Don t talk Immediately, Yang Shu and Yaya shut up, and Chen Kuai began to concentrate on painting.This painting is called Hope.The result of Chen Wei s composition is a portrait composition, but it is not an ordinary portrait.

He knew very well what role Chen Guai had played in the Blue Mountain Mental Hospital, the abandoned mine pit, and the water avoiding village incident.Of course, Yang Shu didn t know enough about it.But as far as he knew, Chen Guai was already too strong.When everyone heard the words, they all looked at each other in blank dismay.Seeing the way Huang Dasheng and Yang Shu admired Chen Kuai, they couldn t be fake.They couldn t help but wonder, how would such a person teach them actual combat Sansheng is lucky.After Chen Kuai came up, You Hongdou had already received the message and was waiting here.Seeing Chen Kuai, You Hongdou smiled and said, There is a restaurant here that has been renovated and is not yet open.It has been temporarily requisitioned by us.I will take you there.Shall I tell you these things directly You Hongdou said with a smile Yes, you can tell me, I will declare, and the official will bear 30 of the specific expenses, with a maximum of 3 million, and you need to make up the rest yourself.

Within one month after will iodine help me lose weight using it, six consecutive users suffered from severe physical deterioration.Three of them died within three months, and the other three s physical functions declined significantly, and their strength did not improve any more.Analysis After the analysis and research of the use results, the official research .

is alli a safe diet pill?

department judged that the cursed puppet is a battle puppet that needs to be driven by vitality.Function 1 Cursed Clone The puppet can change into the appearance of the user, and has a combat power that is 100 similar to the user.Function 2 Substitute death The puppet can die instead of the user, but the puppet will not be damaged, and will automatically return to the user after a period of time.Remarks The exploration of the cursed puppet has not yet been fully discovered.

Chen Kuai I want to curse the puppet.Huh Hallyu s face changed slightly Are you crazy Didn t you read the introduction of cursing the puppet Those who have used that thing will either die or be disabled.Several people who didn t believe in evil before , It s all gone now, I don t agree with this.But, Chen Kuai said calmly If I m not wrong, most how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight of the time, there is no need to feed and curse the puppet with spirit.This is only done in some emergencies.Since things are so urgent that even cursed puppets are used, it means that the danger of this matter is far greater than the negative effects of cursing puppets.So, used well, this is an excellent prop.If you don t use it well, it will become a weird prop to the green diet pill how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight curse yourself.So, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight I choose to curse the puppet.Han Liu frowned You don t choose so many terrifying weapons, apart from this cursed puppet, you don t have any eyes Chen Guai Yes.

Although it is not Tiancaidibao, the effect is not as good as The treasures of heaven and earth are poor.Chen Kuai Okay, I ll continue to look at it.Chen Kuai first glanced at the category of practice methods, and he saw Spiritual Entraining Qi Jue recommended by Hallyu, and also The Secret Code of Ancient Martial Arts, The Marrow Washing Chapter, The Eastern Sword Song, and The Eye of the King of Heaven.However, rather than saying that these are practice methods, it is better to say that these are secret scriptures one after another.Because the real practice method seems to be only the Psychic Entraining Qi Jue and a strange bread and butter pickles to lose weight practice method called Electric Shock Concentration Technique.Therefore, Chen Kuai quickly gave up the practice method, and only listened to him If I don t choose the practice method, what if I only choose the treasures of heaven and earth Chen Guai It s not that I don t look down on it, but that I should improve my strength to break the six layer shackles as soon as possible.

Zheng if i drink water will i lose weight I saw that Zuo Xiaoya finally pulled out her exclusive weapon, an exaggerated long knife.This knife was much taller than her height, so Zuo Xiaoya always carried it on her back.I only heard Zuo Xiaoya s eyes turn cold Crooked way, dare to sneak attack on this girl, I will kill you.I saw that Zuo Xiaoya kicked her foot, and the whole person flew out.But Chen Kuai still saw that Zuo Xiaoya s left leg was stained with bright red blood. This time, including Lin Lingsu s three cones, the nine cones once again blocked Zuo Xiaoya s actions.Dangdangdang Zuo Xiaoya, who was prepared, had extremely quick reflexes, and the long knife was extremely flexible in her hand.After a round of confrontation, even though she was stopped, the sharp awl could not come out again.stab her.I ll the green diet pill how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight help you.Chen Chacha swung the spear in his hand, and rushed forward.

Of course, no one will believe this, the calm before the storm is the most terrifying.These days, though, including Hallyu, haven t stopped trying.The short term effect of the spirit pattern body training chapter is too obvious.Among them, Da Zhuang and Lao Yan both said that they felt the feeling of a breakthrough, and it may be just a step away.And Chen Guai was also trying to break the how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight sixth shackle, the shoulder to day four.Chen Kuai finally felt that the stagnation in his shoulder joints was broken.So far, breaking through all the six shackles is not difficult, as Han Liu and the others said.But it s not that simple.Chen Kuai s first five shackles were basically broken by monster food.Even for this sixth shackle, it took five or six days intermittently to complete the breakthrough by relying on monster food, breathing method, and spirit pattern forging body, which is not something worth boasting about.

Therefore, Chen Kuai dared to pursue him only when he thought he had a cursed puppet.The cursed puppet was in his hands, so naturally he would not put it in the coffin, but put it directly into the monster cafeteria.Therefore, it is not troublesome to use it.Even if Kang Xue is really promoted to the horror level, she may not be incapable of fighting.At the back door of the gym, Chen blamed Lin Lingsu, one behind the other, and quickly crossed a small commercial square.And this commercial plaza is adjacent to a central lake.Although the surface of the lake is irregular, it has a radius of seven to eight hundred meters.It is quite famous in Beimen District, and it is called Juxian Lake.On the other side of the lake is a large shopping how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight mall in Beimen District, which ranks among the top three in Tianhuo City in terms of scale.

But immediately, her eyes were cold Which one of the twelve disciples took action The young master continued Today, there is a special case.Lincoln and Li Mo originally handled it alone, but later they found it difficult to handle it.Lao Yan happened to be not far away, so he went to help, and then all three disappeared.Later, non staff personnel arrived and found traces of explosion and burning, and there was a rancid smell.At present, it is guessed that it is the corpse breeder.Followed , Young Master continued In addition, in Linhu District, Yin Shuangdao, whose combat power is barely enough to be at the horror level, disappeared half an hour ago.There are three newcomers who disappeared with him.Han Liu said in a deep voice At present , what can be confirmed is that the twelve disciples fought in multiple places at the same time, and the target is most likely to capture the official members of the Hunter Administration.

How many newcomers will the twelve disciples go to great lengths to find as bargaining chips Therefore, it is safer for newcomers to stay away from Lin Lingsu and Chen Guai.However, Yinyin is an exception, he is a strong daughter.Da Zhuang loves his daughter, and the entire Tianhuo City Hunter Management Bureau knows that once Yinyin is arrested, it is conceivable that Da Zhuang will definitely go crazy.Therefore, Yinyin s safety still has to be left to Chen Kuai.At this moment, no one regarded Chen Guai as a newcomer at all, even though he was indeed a newcomer.However, this is a rookie who can kill terrorist level powerhouses.At this moment, the four of them live in one of the thousands of houses in a city.The furniture is ordinary, with a little dust, which shows that there are no permanent residents.

Just when Chen Kuai felt that the enemy might not be able to come for a while, and was about to go into the cafeteria to study the book of mysteries, there was a smell Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight of decay in the wind.Here we come.Chen Kuai suddenly lifted his spirits, and then with a thought, he disappeared on the roof.Lightning Logistics Management Center, It has six large warehouses of thousands of square meters.Because this kind of distribution center is generally only built in remote places, it is surrounded by uncultivated wasteland, and the nearest road is 100 meters away from the gate.It is about 300 meters away from the innermost warehouse of the distribution center.Originally, there should be people working here 24 hours a day.After all, there are too many express deliveries, and no one is watching.It s just that today the place is dark and empty, not even a security guard can be seen.

For example, at this moment, he received a message from Yangshu Group on his mobile phone, saying that something happened to the Fahua Temple in the Pagoda District.The reason why the pagoda area is called the pagoda area is named after a pagoda in Fahua Temple.This is a thousand year old temple and is well known far and wide.However, just a moment ago, a miraculous Buddha shadow appeared in the sky above Fahua Temple.This matter is currently only announced in the name how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight of scientific experiment projection.The official is thinking that after twelve o clock, everyone will be invisible after the fog envelops, so they will take advantage of the time from this night to ten o clock tomorrow morning to deal with the vision of Fahua Temple.However, in the pagoda area, except for a few monster hunters, all the monster hunters who entered the green diet pill how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Fahua Temple have lost contact, and they did not seek help from Linhu District and Beimen District.

Ever since, Han Liu didn t hesitate any longer, and this time directly used the second skill of the corpse demon knife, the magic blade.The magic blade skill will draw the user s blood essence, blooming magic power, which can double the user s combat power, lasts for 3 minutes, and can be used at most once a day.However, one person and one corpse were shot seven or eight times in mid air, blood was flying everywhere, and a piece of rotting armor fell.When Han Liu retreated, his ribs were bloody and fleshy, while the other side flew stiff, but his armor fell off, and some rotten flesh was cut off from his body.Zhao Hongyi Are you okay I ll be with you.coM No.Hallyu stopped Not counting the flying zombies, there are six hairy zombies on the opposite side, what a fart.Later, if I lose, you three run quickly, this is an order.

As long as the flying zombie was not killed, even if it was only a skeleton, it would not be able to stop the general horror level.At this time, the power of the Iron Blade Storm is getting weaker and weaker, and it has almost reached the upper limit of use.However, Han Liu looked at Lao Yan who was struggling to resist the corpse poison, and slowly said, Old Yan, I may not be able to save you today, so don t you blame me Ha, haha Hearing Han Liu But Lao Yan laughed twice Fuck, I m a cheap knife seller, and my life is worthless.But you guys, don t you know how to run The Tianhuo City is in such a mess Now, let our brothers stand up, and now I can t stand it anymore, so I m going to give up, cough cough and run away Han Liu looked back at Zhao Hongyi, Da Zhuang, and the young master, and the eyes of the three of them were all gone at this moment.

It s a pity, with such injuries, you will definitely die.Blood gushed from Han Liu s mouth, and Zhao Hongyi didn t dare to how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills pull out the zombie s arm, for fear that the blood would spurt out and Han Liu would die in a blink of an eye.But even if Zhao Hongyi is good at everything, this penetrating injury is too big.If Han Liu hadn belly fat burner diet pills t eaten a Tiancaidibao fruit just now, he might have died by now.Hallyu wants to best diets to help you lose weight talk, But he couldn t say anything, just heard Zhao Hongyi gritted his teeth and shouted Fei Zong is dead, corpse breeder, how do you know that I don t have a hole card The man raised the wooden stick in his hand, tapped twice on the ground and said, If you don t take out the hole cards, then I ll be impolite.I saw one, two, three hairs jumping stiffly.out.The how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight corpse keeper said with some lack of interest You three, then let the how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight three Mao Zong play with you.

While speaking, a breath of white corpse gas spewed out from under the black hood of the corpse breeder, and as the white gas passed through everyone s nostrils, everyone s pupils, including Lao Yan s, suddenly changed color.Lao Yan struggled for less than half a minute, looked hard at the field, saw Zhao Hongyi and Da Zhuang who were fighting, and Han Liu who was lying in the corner and didn t know if he was still alive, and shouted angrily Run I ll take a step first.Lao Yan finally failed to block the invasion of the corpse poison, and after saying this, he transformed into a corpse.Hey Out there, facing your former colleagues, how do you choose I saw that the green zombies who had fixed Lao Yan and the others let go one after another, turned around and left the warehouse with Lao Yan and the others.

As a result, he died within half a month after coming to the Hunter Management Bureau of Beimen District.This was indeed a test for Chen Wei s heart.However, if they don t kill them, they probably won t keep their hands. The fantasy butterfly, carrying the talisman paper, danced in the rain, but in an instant, it resisted the awakened people like Lincoln and Li Mo.Green lipozene diet pills how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight Zombie was attacking, Yin Shuangdao s double swords had pierced the sky, and the chains passed through the air, making a russling sound.Lao Yan s whole body was on fire, but because of the rain, how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight the firepower was obviously a bit insufficient.Therefore, Chen Kuai judged that Lao Yan and the others were obviously not sent to fight him, but the other party simply wanted to use Lao Yan and the others to challenge his psychological defense.

Below is the monster warehouse, where the spirit matter and corpses are stored after what supplements to take to lose weight the surrounding monsters are cleared and strangled.Our side of Tianhuo City is a small transfer station.Chen Kuai Looking at the elevator emerging from the ground, he said calmly, I ll go down, you guys botanical green mzt slimming diet pills go.As soon as he stretched out his hand, the will anaerobic exercise burn fat key flew into his hand.Unexpectedly, after going round and round, this thing returned to his own hands.Chen Kuai said, This thing really shouldn t be kept by the authorities.Chen Kuai put away the key with his backhand, and grabbed the Zombie Demon Knife and the black wooden stick left by the keeper.In the eyes, information how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight acai diet pills emerges Name Wicked Corpse Staff Item Type Weapon Introduction An ancient wood that has been bred for tens of thousands of years in the extremely evil place, it has the ability to attract evil spirits and attract ghosts, control ghosts and control corpses.

Swipe With a knife, he cut through the middle of the two of them, and the point ended, avoiding certain parts.At this time, the two who kissed passionately finally separated.All the roots connecting the two were cut off with a single blow.At this time, Chen Guai, with terrifying combat strength, pushed Kang Xue with one hand, and his strong mental power directly pushed Kang Xue to the wall, and the corpse demon knife pierced her heart with his backhand.Kang Xue, on the other hand, didn t seem to have any resistance.Instead, she grinned at Chen Kuai.Ugh Bah, bah, bah As soon as they parted, the young master bent down and frantically scratched his throat.Soon, he saw the young master pull out a bunch of roots from his throat.Damn woman, are you fucking sick You ve vomited three times, and you ve drained me dry and you still don t stop.

At that moment, the battle angel who was coming stopped and watched the scene quietly.At that moment, in a community in Beimen District, Lin Lingsu looked at how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight the huge cloud of smoke, and tears fell from the corners of his eyes.An Ran What s the matter What kind of light is that Lin Lingsu was silent for a while before saying Xianmi Nuclear Weapon.Lin Lingsu felt that someone had sacrificed, and under what state, it was necessary to use this level of power against the enemy That can only show that relying on manpower alone can no longer solve the problem, so they chose to use Xianmi nuclear weapons.Now, she can only pray that this nuclear weapon is a preset device and can be controlled remotely.And not too far from the Lightning Logistics Center, a man who was eating melon seeds grinned, The Twelve Apostles Have you ever thought that the official people would be so stupid On a rainy night, Qian Long leaned on a road On the big tree next to him, his body was dripping with blood.

Near the Lake District Hunter Management Bureau, the monster cafeteria reappeared.This news immediately spread throughout the three major hunter bureaus.All the monster hunters and idle non staff personnel in the city received the news as soon as possible and how many minutes of fat burn to lose weight went there.This time, it seems that the monster cafeteria no longer hides itself, and even chooses to appear during the day.eight pm.The countdown is 52 hours, and the monster cafeteria is still there.Chen Kuai was busy preparing ingredients in the back kitchen when he suddenly felt someone came in again, and he was slightly happy.However, when he took a look, the person who came was clearly the young master.Chen Wei couldn t help being a little speechless.All the monster hunters in Linhu District and Pagoda District who could come have already been here He didn t see anyone in the north gate area, as if no one could come in.


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